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Here at Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning, we offer you our expert chimney repair service and chimney caps. Thanks to our many years of experience in this industry, we know more than a thing or two about chimney repairs. Every member of our team has a lot of experience when it comes to repairing chimneys which means you can hire us with confidence. 

We also know how even the smallest crack in your chimney can cause a lot of issues. This is why we are proud to offer you what we think is one of the best chimney sweep services in Houston. If you think you have an issue with your chimney talk to us today. 

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Our Chimney Repair and Chimney Cap Services In Houston

We understand that things can and often do go wrong with chimneys. There can be cracks in the chimney’s lining, holes in its mortar, or deterioration that has been caused by the weather. We can deal with these chimney repairs ensuring that your fireplace is in good working order once more. 

While you might not know what is wrong with your chimney, we can quickly diagnose the issue and resolve it with a high-quality repair. We have a lot of experience when it comes to repairing chimneys and we know exactly how to go about these repairs. 

As we already mentioned, we have a lot of experience with chimneys and their repairs. You can trust us to undertake the work using high-quality materials. We know how important it is to you that we get the job done properly so you have peace of mind. Trust us to get the job done. 

About Our Fireplace Repair Services In Houston

When we’re undertaking a fireplace repair, you can be sure that we will only ever use high-quality repair services. We do this so the repairs last longer and you have more confidence in the work that we do. We don’t believe in using materials that are under par. We only use materials that we believe in and we know to work well. 

  • Our Vacuums: When we undertake a chimney repair we use a vacuum that will help to get rid of any mess or dirt. We do this so there is nothing left behind once our job is done. 
  • Cleaning up: In addition to using a vacuum, we ensure that there is no mess left behind once the repairs have been completed. Our aim is to leave the room exactly as we found it so you would never know we were there. 

The Importance of a Chimney 

 In addition to helping you stay warm, a chimney is there to remove any smoke and hazardous gases away from your home. If your chimney is damaged there is a real potential that your home could become full of carbon dioxide. There is also a risk that your fireplace could become smokey. House fires are also a risk associated with a damaged chimney. This is why your fireplace repairs should take place as soon as possible. 

Repairing the Chimney Cap 

The chimney cap is located at the very top of the chimney and is an important aspect of your chimney. The cap seals the opening and helps to prevent rainwater and moisture coming into the chimney. The chimney cap also helps to prevent deterioration. This is why it’s essential that your repairs are carried out as soon as possible. 

Some chimney caps are not built correctly, others tend to deteriorate over time. This is where we can come in and help. We can repair your chimney cap ensuring that it is in good working order. We can work with stone, mortar, concrete, or brick and make your chimney cap as good as new once more. 

Repairing the Firebox 

If you are looking for someone to make repairs to fireplaces Houston has a few companies you can choose from, however, they are not all as experienced as we are. One of the services we offer is vital. Repairing the firebox well can make a difference between having a safe chimney and having one that could start a fire in your home. 

We know that a firebox needs to be lined with firebricks. These are bricks that have been specifically manufactured to be used in a firebox. However, we also know that the refractory ceramic that coats the bricks can become damaged after many years of use. This is why the firebox often needs to be repaired. 

Did you know that you should have your firebox inspected every 5 years depending on how often you use your chimney? If you think your firebox is in need of repair contact us today. If you’re not sure when your firebox was last checked it’s important you contact us today. We can ensure that the firebox is in good working order so that it’s safe to use. 

Repairing the Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is the part of the chimney that supports the flue liner. One of the main issues with the smoke chamber is that it’s often hard to detect any problems. This is simply because most of the issues are found behind the wall. In fact, the rest of your chimney might look like it’s working well from the outside. However, the smoke chamber may have a few problems. Regular examinations of the smoke chamber can alert you to any problems that may have arisen. A yearly or twice-yearly inspection (Depending on how often you use your chimney) can help to uncover and potentially resolve any issues. 

Repointing the Chimney 

In addition to keeping an eye on the chimney’s interior, it’s also important that you also keep an eye on its exterior. Can you see any visible cracks in your chimney’s mortar or bricks? If there are issues with the mortar take another look and try to determine if it is crumbling. If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions you will need to call us as soon as you can. This is because we will need to repoint your chimney before the damage gets any worse. 

If your chimney is allowed to get worse chances are it will need to be rebuilt. This can become expensive so it’s best that you let us take a look at it so we can quickly resolve any problems. 

Repairing the Flashing 

The flashing is one aspect of the chimney that you’ll see when you look up at it. The flashing surrounds the chimney on all sides. Flashing can make your chimney look good but it also has a vital function. Flashing is there to ensure that your chimney and your home is protected from water. It does this by closing off any gaps in your chimney and in essence, binding your chimney and your roof together. Installed correctly, flashing can have many layers that help to prevent water from coming into your home. 

If your chimney appears to be leaking it’s likely that you have an issue with the flashing. This is one of the first areas we will look at. We know all too well that those systems that are made to protect you from water can succumb to the elements and let water through. In addition to this, snow, high winds, and rain can cause the flashing to rust and corrode. This ultimately makes your flashing quite ineffective. 

What this means is that you could have water coming into your home from the chimney and the area where the flashing has degraded. Not only can water cause more damage to your property but it can also result in you having to pay out a lot more money. This is why it’s essential that you get your flashing repaired as soon as you can. 

We will happily and expertly repair any damage to your flashing so it’s completely water-tight. When we carry out the work we will ensure that any rusty and damaged flashing is removed and new, high-quality flashing is added in its place. We do this to ensure that your chimney and your home are protected. 

If you think you have an issue with your flashing  please contact us today. We are here to help you. 

We’re Here for you 

Here at Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning, we are proud to be here for you. We know how important your chimney is to you. This is why we can offer to repair your chimney. In fact, we like to think we’re Houston’s best chimney repair company. We have a lot of experience when it comes to repairing chimneys and we guarantee that will carry out high-quality repairs we know you’ll be pleased with. 

Contact us today about your concerns and we’ll be happy to help you. We offer what we think is Houston’s best fireplace repair service and we think you’ll agree. Here at Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning, we have a lot of experience with chimneys and their repairs. You can trust us to undertake the work using high-quality materials. 

We know how important it is to you that we get the job done properly so you have peace of mind. Trust us to get the job done. Contact us today if you need us to repair any aspect of your chimney.