Can I Sweep My Own Chimney?

I think it is imperative that we first explore, what are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to decide if sweeping their own chimney makes sense or not

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Should You Sweep your Chimney Yourself?

Millions of homeowners enjoy the warmth of a fireplace, or a wood stove during those chilly winter months. To keep your chimney clean, and hazard-free, you’ll need professional help, but many homeowners tend to jeopardize this task and here’s how –

  • Zero Research

Sometimes homeowners make hasty decisions while hiring local contractors for a chimney cleaning in Houston, Austin or Dallas. With little knowledge about a chimney’s upkeep, homeowners often don’t realize a scam until it is too late. Many fraudsters successfully badger homeowners into spending more money than what is actually required, because of this ignorance. 

  • Safety Bylaws

For efficient chimney cleaning in Dallas, Houston or Austin, you will need a professional sweeping agency however most homeowners forget to check if the workers are CSIA certified. Consumers are unaware of the safety standards for chimney maintenance, so they don’t inquire enough, and fail to assess the chimney agency.

  • Time of Completion

Numerous telemarketers will dupe homeowners into hiring under-qualified contractors who are disorganized and inexperienced. But some homeowners don’t know enough about chimney maintenance, to hire the right kind of help. Many forget to ask their chimney sweep service for a committed time frame and suffer a major financial loss.

  • Insurance Coverage

Another common mistake homeowners make is the inability to review and confirm insurance coverage. This is necessary especially if the cleaning service turns out to be incompetent, and damages your property along the way. To avoid liability claims, a chimney cleaning service that provides premium coverage is well suited for the job.

  • DIY Accidents

Sweeping out your own chimney all by yourself can be a risky task, especially when you’re a novice. If the interiors are lined with creosote deposits, the sweeping process is quite different from clearing out dust, and cobwebs. If you don’t have a sturdy ladder, some manual assistance, and the right equipment, then hiring a professional is far more appropriate. 

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Things to Consider While Hiring Chimney Cleaners

Do Your Homework

It is most important that you drop in a courteous request to inquire about a cleaning service’s credentials. While you’re busy with your research, learn everything you can about chimney cleaning, and ask your colleagues, family or next-door neighbor for recommendations. To make an informed decision, learn more about the company’s reputation, insurance policies, and work permits. 

Look for Budget-friendly Quotes

A budget investment for services like chimney cleaning in Austin, Dallas, and Houston should cover a comprehensive routine check, intensive cleaning and also repair. The best precaution to take before finalizing a service would be to ask for a quotation. This will give you a brief idea about your expenditure, and time for completion.

Hire Professional Help

With the continuous practice of burning logs, it only takes a small accumulation of creosote to spark a chimney fire. Since creosote is highly inflammable, you will need a professional chimney sweeper to whisk out the soot, built-up creosote and unseal a blockage. If you haven’t yet had your chimney serviced, grab a consult from a certified professional at Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning.

If you’re looking for reliable chimney cleaning in Austin, Dallas or Houston, Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning will clean, repair and expedite routine inspections every year. Right from installing carbon monoxide detectors to regularly clearing out inflammable deposits, request a free quote and ensure your family’s safety.