How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned

Cleaning a chimney involves removing soot, built-up creosote and blockages from your chimney. Work is also carried out to clean out your chimney’s smoke chamber, damper, firebox, and the chimney liner. This is why we are going to be speaking about Chimney Cleaning Dallas.

Cleaning your chimney, and how often you should get your chimney cleaned makes it safer to use, meaning you can light a fire any time you need to. Not a lot of people are aware that it only takes a very small amount of creosote to cause a fire inside your chimney. Creosote is very flammable and builds up as a result of burning wood. If your stove is not working very well or your burning practices are poor creosote can quickly accumulate. 

Different types of wood also have an effect on the amount of creosote that builds up. For example, pine can cause a quick build-up and should, therefore, not be used to make a fire. Finally, creosote can also reduce your fireplace’s draw and its efficiency. 

Cleaning Frequency

chimney cleaning

It is recommended that you should get your chimney cleaned is at least once a year if you live in Dallas. However, you should consider having your chimney cleaned more often if you have:

  • Lit a lot of fires – If you have lit a lot of fires already and more often than usual, you should have your chimney cleaned more often
  • You think there’s wildlife in your chimney – Wildlife can and often do make their way into chimneys. Calling a professional chimney cleaning company can ensure the wildlife is dealt with humanely and effectively. 
  • You’re about to sell your home – Potential buyers will be more inclined to buy your home if they know you’ve taken care of your chimney. They can also imagine lighting a fire and enjoying the comfort that it brings.
  • You just want to make sure your chimney is safe to use – Many people like to ensure their chimney is safe to use. This is especially the case if there are young children or seniors living in the home. 

Venting systems that are connected to your stoves and furnaces should also be cleaned regularly. This is to ensure they are safe to use at all times. 

If you want peace of mind, you may wish to have your chimney professionally cleaned two times a year. Do not risk the chance of an undiscovered defect being turned into a chimney fire or a costly repair. 

Chimney Inspections and Chimney Cleaning Frequency

Every year in the United States, homeowners lose more than $2,000,000 simply because they have failed to keep their chimney safe. If you have an issue with your chimney you will need to schedule an inspection. 

If you have not used your chimney or fireplace for some time you may need to get it inspected before you use it. Staying on top of the cleaning and inspection is the safest way to ensure your chimney is clean and safe to use. 

Contact us today for a free quote and let us clean or inspect your chimney so you have peace of mind.