The Average Chimney Cleaning Service Cost

On average, the typical chimney cleaning service in the U.S. ranges from around $124 to $330 depending on several different factors. Over time, smoke particles called creosote can build up in your chimney from excessive use. These particles are extremely flammable and, left unattended, can result in a severe fire hazard. Regular cleanings can also prevent other hazards such as foliage buildup and animal infestations.


Chimneys are a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to a household. Fireplaces automatically elevate any home with their value in both décor and utility. However, like anything else when it comes to being a homeowner, it is important to maintain chimneys and air vents for both your health and safety.

chimney cleaning service cost

It is also advised that you should inspect your chimney annually. If possible, this should occur during the winter or spring due to weather conditions. States such as Texas can often have extreme conditions that vary from city to city due to its size.

Luckily, businesses such as Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning have locations throughout the state. We offer chimney cleaning in Houston, Dallas, and in Austin. Additional services include pressure washing, duct inspection, expert sweeping, and more. We give you some of the most competitive rates in the state of Texas.

Factors That Determine Your Chimney Cleaning Price

The factors when it comes to your chimney cleaning price will depend on several factors. One of these includes roof accessibility. Other factors are how much use you get out of your fireplace and how long it has been since its last inspection. Certain elements may cause your price to elevate. For instance, a difficult shape to access for cleaning can lead to a higher price. Initial cleanings are costlier as well, especially if it has been left alone for very long.

The Effect of Climate

The environment of your home can also affect the cost. Homes in states like Florida, Texas, or California may have a higher cost of cleaning. This is due to the tropical climate and the effect it has on the wear and tear of a home.

Humidity is an important factor to consider when it comes to determining the price. When creosotes in your chimney interact with humid air, it can produce highly corrosive acids. These can permanently damage fireplace mortar. Therefore, if you are living in an area of the country that is more susceptible to humidity and moisture in the air, it is important to have your chimney cleaned more often. This will save you time, money, and help prevent damage to your home.

Affordable Chimney Cleaning Prices in Texas

While prices range from state to state, these common factors can alter the cost dramatically. If you live in the Texas areas of Houston, Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, call Nature’s Own Chimney Cleaning today to request a free quote on your chimney. When it comes to your home, the best way to save money and reduce costs is to be proactive.